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does anyone have ANY instructions on how to do the 50/60 switch on a Model 1 Genesis WITH ACTUAL pictures. That diagram in the Misc. section is harder than crap to understand. how about Model 2 Sega CD instructions with pictures? Saturn? DC? (I don't own a DC, but I'm just curious).
"how about Model 2 Sega CD instructions with pictures? Saturn? DC? "

instructions for WHAT?

there is no scd mod other than the bios replacement, for saturn there are enough pages with pics, and DC has no mod other than the modchip for imports either.

as for the genny mod, it's really very easy. cut the traces on 2 of the jumpers, then connect both sides of JP3 with a on/off switch (middle pin and either left or right pin) for the 50/60 Hz switch. the same should apply for jp2 or jp4 (just try both, one will work.. can't damage it if you get the wrong one).
does the Genesis mod require any soldering? could I just do it without worry of frying my Genny? is it really that easy? (and yes, I forgot the the Genny mod affects the SCD, stupid me ;)). I have no techie experience with console's whatsoever (ok the closest was taping the thing that keeps the CD spinning for the swap trick on my Saturn). Is it easy enough that someone with NO experience WHATSOEVER in console tech is able to do it?
you need to solder the wires to the switch and the points in the genny. no way around it.

the genny mod doesn't allow you to play imports on scd, keep that in mind.

get a soldering iron and start practicing on some old PCB. the genny mod is easy to do, with little risk of fucking up, but try soldering some wires to spots on some defective board first.
anything that I can solder that's around the house (like everyday houses items) to practice? like something I don't use anymore. name a few things, and I'll see if we use those things anymore. if not, I start learning how to solder :)
Quote: from Arakon on 10:20 am on Dec. 5, 2001

anything that has a pcb inside.. a dead joypad, a dead radio, whatever.

so I can start learning to solder on my two fried Genny controllers? sweet! hmmmm...... *tries to think of stuff to practice with* what's a PCB? and what's there to solder in a Genny controller (official three-button, comes with the Model 1's and 2's)
captain crazy: the 50/60 switch fo rthe dc is software based, if you play a pal game most of them give you a choice on boot of 50/60 hz

clound121: pcb= printed circuit board (any board with components and solder joints on broadly speaking)

the pcb in the genny controller is the circuit board, ie the part with all the switch contacts and leads joined to it

and almost every mod for a console requires some soldering btw
get some thin wire (like IDE cable strands), cut off about 2-3 mm of the plastic. twist the copper strands together, then cover them in a bit of solder by sliding them through molten solder on the tip of the soldering iron. then look for a solder spot on the pcb (a round point that already has solder on it, i.e. where connectors are soldered to etc), then hold the tinned wire tip against it, heat up the wire with the soldering iron till it melts to the spot. the connection is good when then wire is covered with a bit of solder (don't use too much, you need very little when solder is already existant) and doesn't come off when you tug at the wire.
Arakon, as much as you get on my nerves sometimes, YOU THE MAN!!! :)

thanks for the little walkthrough :)

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Crap, I was hoping it was hardware based so I could play my ntsc games (and ntsc-J games at 50hz) and with the DC-X cant you force a game to play at 50Hz ? I remeber reading something like that with the DC-X.
man, I forgot the link to the Saturn 50/60 switch. They're a couple places that have it right? Mameworld? that one guys fanpage? Please post the links Arakon. tahnks a lot. :)