53 games in 1 cartridge?


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Yesterday I saw a strange black game cartridge, square shaped with a label that states it has 53 games in it. The seller said it required a game converter similar to the Famicon-nes converter, a honeybee game converter which is also available.

IS THIS REAL? <_< i didn´t buy it because he had already sold me Earth worm Jim and Toe Jam & Earl and Sonic and Knucles game cartridges and left me without cash. Should I buy this game cartridge? is it a ripoff? :blink:


53 in one? Or 52 in one? Either way the games are probably mostly crap, but I think the 'Action 52' or whatever it's called might be worth a bit of change.

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On a lot of those multi-game pirate carts, most of the games are just minor hacks of one of the games on the cart. So you might end up with 5 copies of Sonic 1 and each one just starts on a different level.


Yeah, silly pirates. When he says it needs an adapter, he means its an jap-style cart, and won't fit into an unmodified US system, for example. I don't think they'd region lock a pirate cart... you can just use a gameshark as a "converter" for non-locked games. That is, if you dont want to modify your cart slot, I think that is easier though for me. I can only stack so many things on my genesis (and under it too) before it gets awkward changing carts.