64pin Mod troubles

I've got a 64pin IC black us saturn (with 5 pin power source). I also have 3 modchips one from gocybershop, lik-sang, and game gizmo. they're all blue with inconsistant chip serial numbers. tried the AB method. the trouble is how do i tell its working? I can put in US games and it works, but when i put in burned US games, i get music. i even tried adding a capacitor as in some pictures, but it failed to make a difference. Is it my burns or the 3 mod chips?
Depends on what message you are getting when you put the burned CD in.

If it is "Game disc unsuitable", then it means that the Saturn has recognised the disc, but it is for the wrong region Saturn (i.e. use SatConv.exe).

If it is "Disc unsuitable", then you've burnt yourself a coaster.
for instance: i have daytona USA and i backed it up. the modchip is in and i can play the original. when i put in the copy, the saturn treats it as a music CD allowing for CD-G options and places the 2 orbiting balls around the play button. even japanese copies are taken as music CDs (i do have a 4-in-1 PAR).

i don't see how putting the cover back on will make any difference. the mod has the IC labels facing the outside (the mod sits the opposite way if you look at instruction pages)