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Do you remember a title in which you didn't like the graphics but enjoyed the game? Please, exclude instances where the graphics were outdated as a reason for not liking them.

(An example of what not to do. Yo Yo Yo! Check it out! Lttp has the fly gameplay I be talking about but the graphix are whack man. They aren't even 3D)

So far I haven't found any games, current or classics, I enjoyed and didn't like the graphics.
pong, asteroids, i, robot, bahamut lagoon, red faction, dance dance revolution disney mix, smashdc, rape games, dark wizard, marky mark and the funky bunch, xmen (genesis), t-mek
earthbound, Phantasy Star II(where da backgrounds?), Phantasy Star III (Animation), Ms Pac Man.
Sorry, gotta be sonic 2 for gameplay, one of the first games i ever completed. second only to altered beast (i had a wierd version where you could adjust the options without a cheat)
I find it hard to think of a good game in which the graphics were genuinely bad as such (rather than being the result of technical limitations in the system). I imagine that when someone's going to go to the trouble to put together a good game and they're serious about it, they tend to not settle for crap artwork and programming. That being said:

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask - for the most part these actually look pretty good, but there are places where it's plainly obvious that they're trying to cut down on polygons, and it's just distracting when they show up because they look out of place. For those who think I'm imagining things, an example: the inside of King Dodongo's mouth - it's just two textured polys for the top and bottom that join at a single seam. Normally I wouldn't complain about this sort of thing, but because of his attack patterns I think the inside of the mouth deserves a bit more detail than that.

Atomic Runner Chelnov - I can't really explain it, but a lot of the art just looks "wrong" to me.

Gradius (NES port) - this is due to technical limitations in the NES, but it's really annoying after having played the arcade original.

Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh - I suppose the sprites had to be tiny to fit them all, but if any game deserves to have the artwork redone for 2048x1536 so that it could be projected onto a huge screen, it's probably this one.
i wanna say herzog zwei

but i think the graphics on the game look really neat

i guess i just find it disconcerting to being playing a genesis game that doesn't have the fake 3d scrolling background effect

phantasy star 2 didn't have that either, but jeez the combat sequences look cool in that game

and i think the generic purple lines on plain black background give an almost unquantifiable amount of style to the game
Anybody ever play Toejam and Earl? I loved that game and the graphics weren't anything special.

Plus Sonic 2, 3, Sonic and Knuckles, and Sonic Spinball. I'm a sucker for the sonic games on genesis.
Crappy graphics! How about no graphics, all of my favorite adventure titles, i'm sure some people here will remeber them.

But for a game which actually had graphics, Dragon Ball Z Legends (I think thats the one), the one where it was 3 on 3 fighting, the game play was amazingly fun especially with other talented players but the graphics were ugh
I really like Virtua Racing on the Saturn. I have no problems with the graphics, but I know a lot of other people do.
I remember a little game called Bally III on the Amiga that used to keep me up all night.

It was a lot like Qix, but with absolutely appaling graphics. Fantastic, addictive score challenge though.