A Dreamcast Problem.

Alrights guys. I've been playing the US version of 'Skies of Arcadia' recently...maybe 17 hours to be exact. Maybe and exact? Those two don't work in a sentence...Anyway, after levelling up a bit, exploring the world, i was about ready to begin my mission on recovering the yellow moon stone. So off to Valua i was to meet Gilder (blame the faqs)...except my DC decided my fate was tied to an empty black screen. You know the one that tells you you've just been reamed? The one where your ass is handed back to you?

17 hours. Wasted. I love this game. To death.

So I bought a used PAL version of the game along with a new memory card. NOW Here comes the question part. Will the Pal Version lock up in the same place? The US disc is in great condition, i.e. alright, this i.e. is rather useless...So I don't know where the problem is. On the new Memory card it's got a Skies save file (PAL) that's right before the end of the game. Works fine when i load it up and play it.

So the dilemma rests here: Do i waste another 17 hours (i can cut it to 12) on restarting the game? Will the localisation make any difference? I know you guys are great at these sorts of things so I'd appreciate any help, guidance, positive comments, etc...

To those who post - I thank thine tolerance.
I played throughout the PAL version without an issue, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Your problem could be related to your specific DC.
I thought as much. The same thing happened at 27 hours into Grandia 2. What can i say? Life's a bitch!

Still, I'd like to get to the bottom of this. I refuse to believe (until otherwise proven) that a 2 year old piece of hardware is already showing it's strain. Whatever happened to the good old days? My snes still runs like magic! It's called quality architecture! But nowaday's it's all about efficiency. That's right, saving money by lowering the quali[and thus ends the rant]

But hey, if any of you know how i can experience the grandeur of Arcadia without hassle, call me. Better yet, just post it. The solution that is.

And as a final note: I'm getting a PS2 tommorrow! Sure it doesn't have Zelda, but doggone it, I need Suikoden! That's enough outta me.
Moving parts happened for one thing. A DC (or Saturn/PSX/PS2/GC/Xbox) is never as likely to live as long as cart-based systems like the SNES/NES/MegaDrive did, since these parts wear out, whereas the cart based systems the only likely parts to wear is the cart slot (which isn't too likely).

There's also a lot more heat build up inside the newer systems which wasn't a factor on the older ones, which doesn't help much.
With the games that you played and frooze, were they the ISO or legit retail copies?


MY SNES broke down on me. I tried to play Sim City, but I got the black screen of death right at the beginning. I tried MegaMan X2 and X3 as well, but still the same thing.