A few questions......

Pearl Jammzz

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Ok, I got a few things in the mail a couple of days ago, a Hitachi VCD card, and sum analog pads. Juts have a few Q's bout' em....

1. What games support the VCD card?

2. What games support the analog pad? (AKA, nights controller)

3. Does the VCD card play SVCDs?

4. What games support the light guns?

5. What's the best lightgun to get?

hmmm, I knew there was sum more but can't think of them now. But ya, can anyone answer all my Q's? Thanks all.
all I know is a couple:

1.) Lunar (Mpeg version) and Wan Gan Dead Heat + Real Arrange (a racing game)

3.) No SVCD`s b/c there are MPEG2
There was a 'text file' list of analogue pad supported games in the 'Miscellaneous' page here at SX.. But, it doesn't seem to exist anymore

The games I know that are supported are:

Soviet Strike


........ er...... I'm sure there's more...

Games supported by the Lightgun are:

Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop II

Crypt Killer (ugh..)

Area 51

House of the Dead

Mighty Hits

... again.. I think there's more..
People really need to start reading the hardware faqs on gamefaqs. Go to the Saturn section and look in the Hardware FAQs page. There are several good faqs there that answer most of your questions already.
There are many games using the analog pad. Dark Savior, Croc and Sonic R also has support for it. And i know there are many more.

As for the lightgun games, Die Hard Trilogy (the car-game is the only good one in it though, the shooter game sucks) and Maximum Force (was it called that) also used lightgun. there are some japanese only lightgun games also.