A high-speed network sends a movie in one second


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As a follow-up to my old thread...

Researchers in Japan have established a network that can transmit data at 43 billion bits per second (Gbps). An entire two-hour movie recorded on DVD can be sent over the network in one second. The optical network connects two sites of Keio University, one at the Yagami campus in Yokohama and other at the Shonan Fujisawa campus in Fujisawa. For details see http://neasia.nikkeibp.com/wcs/leaf?CID=on...abt/news/274435
43,000,000,000 bits/second (b/s)

= 5,375,000,000 Bytes/second (B/s)

= 5,249,023 KiloBytes/second (KB/s)

= 5,126 MegaBytes/second (MB/s)

= 5 GigaBytes/second (GB/s)

Looks like they're getting closer and closer to teleportation speed. :thumbs-up:


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Originally posted by ExCyber@Nov 3, 2003 @ 06:40 PM

The sick thing is, that's most likely too fast for the RAM in your computer to keep up with.
:agree Let alone the read and write speed of the HDD on your computer.


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That sounds juicy!! Man, for a person like me that downloads anime.. this would be a super blessing!!! :drool: