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Hi all,
I would like to put a boot logo before the famous official SEGA logo. I found the app that is doing well, addintrogen, available here : AddIntroGen
The app is easy, the pointer is on the rom, but I would like to replace the image with mine. I'm blocking a bit for the rest. Could someone give me a hand and transform my image with the palettes so that I can put it directly with the software. Thank you again for your help.
I am attaching my image to you.


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You'll first need a compatible image for conversion.

320x224 16 color

To convert Image using ImaGenesis :

15 color, 4bpp, 1 plane, 8x8 tiles
Drawing in the X direction first, then in the Y
Enable Transparency
Select Transparency color, IMPORTANT! Click on image to select background color transparent.

Quantize Now
Export Tile Data/ Format: Binary/ Save Data: Image.BIN
Export Pallette Data/ Format: Binary/ Save Data: Palette.BIN

Attached a quick test resizing your logo.


  • logo.zip
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