A little off topic?

I know this is a little off topic... after playing around with the cinepak video format.. and was able to replace some small videos on my Shining Force III CD.. I started wondering if it would be easier to make STR movies for play on a Playstation... I don't know if they have a player for them or not.. if not.. I can also use my gameshark CD.. all I do is replace the CD with a CD of the STR movie.. and my Gameshark will play it that way... any one know where I might find some more info on this...
I have the STR specifications doc from the PSX dev manual. If you need that let me know. I've never seen any kind of avi2str or mpg2str though. But since you can go from one to the other i imagine you can just use some existing source to write a converter.

You may want to check some PSX dev sites. I'm sure there's a simple STR player out there you could use to make a self booting self playing disc.

You'll be doing some mad wear and tear on the shitty PSX lens assembly though if you ran a full disc start tot end.