A nice Dc-fix I made

My DC would sometimes not read the cds and instead go to the home-screen. After several times of opening and closing the lid the game would start. I fixed this by opening my Dc and putting a piece of tape on the switch that checks if the lid is open. This works fine with all games I have, so there is no problems. Though, when I tried an emulator that required switching to a rom-cd after loading the emu, it continues to spin (well, ofcourse...). I put the other cd in but it would not find the roms. This is not a big deal since I really don´t need that emu. Then a thought struck my mind : Might the same thing happen with games with two or more cds? Or how does the switching works then? Are there any Dc games with more than one cd?


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I think most of the games either require you to reboot with the new disc, or work fine if you choose to - provided you remember to save before you turn the machine off.
DC multi disc games generall let you save at the disc change point so you can just save, power off, swap disc and continue to play. However there is no way to do this with the system on since the game uses the door switch as a trigger for detecting the fact you inserted a new disc into the system.