A question about official controllers..

I have two kinds of "official" branded Panasonic controllers that came with my FZ-1 unit. Basically.. both are "semi-oval"; shaped pretty much the same.. only one is a bit smaller than the other. They are both made by Panasonic though.

Every once and a while.. I see a different Panasonic brand controller for sale on eBay. They seem to be "semi-rare". The best way to describe it would be to be "butterfly" shaped. I think some people refer to them as "bat winged". These are NOT a 3rd party controller.. and when I see them boxed.. even have a Panasonic logo on it.

At first I assumed that they were later model controllers that came with the FZ-10; but practically every FZ-10 system I ever see up for sale.. doesn't include them as well. Can anybody tell me a little bit about these controllers and why, when and what they were made for?

Thanks to all for your time and attention.
they're not butterfly shaped but they certainly look like a batrang and they shipped with the 3do blaster. it was a 3-d card/cd drive add-on for the pc that let you play 3do games on your pc. kind of a rarity.
oh my.....the 3do pad 2! how exciting
cant say i ever saw them.