A question about the rules.



Hi. So, since my post about where to find Genesis roms was deleted, should i now assume that it is prohibited to ask for a site that contains such content? I'm just asking so I don't make an ass of myself in the future (and if it is prohibited, I obviously made an ass out of myself already with that last post).
Ok, well thx for not banning me then. I really do appreciate it.
Originally posted by IceMan2k@July 11 2002,07:48

No clue. It's ok to post a link when you do find it. I have no qualms against genesis roms being posted.

It's not OK? ???
Unless I'm told otherwise by Rev, if I see a rom request, or rom link, I'm deleting the thread and/or banning the user. Consider this a courtesy warning.
I hadn't noticed that much of an absence Skank. ???

Haven't seen Mysticales for a while though...
i forget if i read this but is asking,linking to, etc for sega cd bios against the rules(also 32x system roms or what ever they are)