A Question about www.sega-parts.com...


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Why does Sega Parts say "No international orders" When they are in the USA? I Am in the USA, and I'd like to know why it says this.

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I don't know for sure... Since I wasn't the one who placed the order. I have never ordered from these guys before, but I have heard they are good from other people who have. I would e-mail the customer service address where it says "Contact Us" and ask them about your order. It never hurts to ask if your worried

Maybe some others who have ordered from them can provide insight as to how they conduct business.


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Solid reputation with not a single complaint from anyone I know. Good place to pick up cables and maybe even some shrink-wrapped games.


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They are a good company. If you ordered ground shipping depending where you are in the US it takes about 3 to 5 days to get to you.