A thought for a new genny mod

Pearl Jammzz

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Could you possbaly mod a genny to have 4 contoler slots instead of 2? This would be REALLY sweat and remove the need for those POS multi-taps.
not without wiring a multitap internally into the system. which would pretty much break compatibility with games that can't work with the multitap.
damn. I thought if you had the multi-tap in you could still use 1 and 2 player games fine. Never owned one so I don't know. BTW, anyone know where I can get one?
You can usually get one on eBay new for about $5. I bought one at Walmart last year for about the same price. It was in a bashed-up bargain bin, but works great. Gauntlet IV was never better!
Interesting idea.

The main problem is both Sega and EA 4-player adaptador are incompatible with each other. You cant play EA games using Sega's adaptor.

IMO most EA games stink -- Most of Sega's alternatives were better. But that's just me.

Ok maybe part of my bitterness it their stupid boxes and carts that didn't match everyone else's