A/V Cable

I was just wondering about these A/V Cables everyone talks about. not wondering what they are but how i can make one & what kind of compatibility issues there are.

i'm thinking that its simply a hack of the standard RF lead am i right? i know i can make one this way by breaking down the signal but will it work properly?
A/V cables are a method of connecting your console to your TV through the two or three RCA sockets you find on the front and back of most newer TVs these days. They give you a better picture than the older RF adaptors and you don't have to waste time tuning the TV to get the output from the console.

Yes, hacking an RF adaptor apart is probably the easiest way to make your own A/V cable - provided your are using a model 2 genesis/MD you should be able to get video and stereo sound without too much trouble. I've done this myself, but I'm getting the audio from my MCD instead of out of the MD.
Yes an RF hack would be most likely the easiest as said above. I just did this myself last night. My friend had a saturn which his cat pissed on and ruined so i took his A/v cables from that. My sega RF switch had 3 wires.. white black and red. If i remember correctly the red was the video and the black was the audio. The white i found no use for at all... anytime i connected it to a wire it just reset my system.
Yep should be good to go, watch out for that white wire

Does neone know what its actually for?
In my RF adaptor, the white wire was for video. To make my video only cable I use the white to the pin of the RCA, and the cable shielding to the shield of the RCA.

We are talking about Genesis/MD here right?
Strange, i beleive i got video from the black wire. Somehow its working the way i have it. Although now if the Genesis does have stereo sound, i converted it to mono. One of these days ill hafta take it apart and see whats going on.

thanx man, i love this avatar
more commonly known as Ground. usually just connects to a pipe or the Ground plug of an outlet. lets excess current flow harmlessly back into the earth.

most often, the ground wire is green, or bare.