About Langrisser series!

Hey! Someone could tell me if this games are worth to buy?

I never played them, and as a saturn-collector i feel so bad about that.

One more thing.

Hom much of the internal memory does each game occupy?
If you like strategy/rpg anime style games then go for it. It is the best of it's kind around. As to how much memory each game takes up I'm not sure.
No no no, it's more like each game uses around 200 blocks. Of course it also depends on whether you use the in-game save features(and I don't imagine why one wouldn't use it).
I thought at least the save files for Dramatic Edition are smaller like maybe slighty under 100. I could be wrong as I can't check any save data as all my memory files got wiped out. I was also just refering to the normal saves and not the in game saves as I never used those that much.
heh, its like 120-130 for Dramatic Edition, check www.jumpstation.org for details on the SNES Der Langrisser english translation which is almost complete. you need to buy dramatic edition, langrisser 4, and langrisser 5 all for saturn, the psx 4&5 in one set and the "Langrisser 1&2" are absolute crap.if you want a video capture of langrisser games, IM me at moonknight45 on yahoo msngr, tsuki no kishi on aol msngr
Lagrisser IV and V had greatly reduced save size from Langrisser III. Not sure why but they do.

It's a very good SLG series but there are better ones, just not on the Saturn. If you play only one game from the series I reccomend Langrisser IV. It has by far the best story and doesn't really require any background knowledge about the series to enjoy its story. The music was also some of the most amazing on the Saturn.

Langrisser IV should run about $15, maybe $20 for the LE box. Langrisser III is probably about $5-$10 (because nobody wants it once they see the gameplay). Langrisser V is about the same price as IV. The only one that will cost an arm and a leg is Dramatic Edition (Langrisser I&II) which is in the neighborhood of $35-$45.
Which is also well worth the money, a decent understanding of ajpanese and knowing how to read kana is really something your gonna wanna know how to do if your gonna enjoy any good slg's that are japanese anyhow. Honestly there isnt any good information on gamefaqs for any of the langrisser games except langrisser IV, but you can get the L4 faq + additional game info like class change charts and character background info ect from the jumpstation site listed above. another SLG i highly reccomend is Black/Matrix
I finally got a copy of Langrisser V.

What a game! One of the best I ever played.

Unfortunately there isn't any decent FAQ about this game.

It occupies 213 of the internal memory. That is bad, once my Backup chart have burned.

What is so different in the playability of Langrisser III?