About MVS ...

Hi ya, people!

Well, if everything goes well, this weekend I will put my hands on an Neo Aes, (yeah, I´ve been waiting this 12 years) ....

But this ins´t the porpouse of this thread .... Maybe in Xmas I will start building a supergun and I have been looking for some info about MVS ... and what I have found is a "little" mess, or maybe I have understand something, but, which MVS outputs Stereo sound?? I believe that I will buy a 1 slot MVS, but what I have read about those type of MVS wasn´t to clear .... does the 1-slot (old style, not new (mini) output stereo sound??? (Or you could select if you want stereo or mono with some type of jumpers on the MVS board??)

I hope anyone can help me (Arakon?)
the old (large) 1-slot MVS has a stereo/mono switch. all multislots are stereo, but without switch. the mini 1-slot is mono-only.
Ok! Thx!

I have more things to ask ... I saw (2 o 3 days ago) on your site, Arakon, some photos you uploaded of your home made Super Gun, and it looks great! So, I want to ask you something about it ... I know that an old AT power supply should be enough for any jamma board (I need +5, -5 & +12 v) but, it would be a good idea to put togheter (I mean very near) the AT power supply and all the wirings (inside a plastic case the AT, wirings and jamma edge connector)?? or it will generate any "weird" problem (interferences, overheat ,etc ..)

And the last thing, which have you used as case? I mean, the plastic case of your supergun, you have used adapted something .... I´m thinking about a good case for my supergun ... maybe wood ...
as long as nothing can cause a short and the PSU is open at at least 2 sides and the fan is open (to the outside, it can't point into the case), you should be fine. the case I used is a generic case from an electronics shop.