About PS1 modding....

Pearl Jammzz

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I'll get right to this one. I have a PS1, a mod chip, and no way to get it in, hehe. Anyone know where I could send it for cheap or anyone on this board I could send it to w/ a little bit of money to get it done? I REALLY want this done. I have been swapping up till now but it sux cuz sum games just dont boot when u swap. like thril kill or a game that when u switch discs it doesn't let u save(believe chrono cross is like this). Just doesn't work w/ these. Any game that checks for burnt games when loading dont work either, like sum DDR games. So ya, can anyone help out?
uhh it will be a waste of monay to send to a place to get that done -- you might as well buy a modded psone i think they go for 70$ as aposed to paying 30- 40 $ for the service

dude its SOOOO easy to mod a psx -comon man! look at some diagrams , take a deep breath and solder away dont be afraid
Well, I dont have the balls to. and it's my lil bro's PS1, not mine. I dont care much for it besides DDR and sum of the RPGs. That's why I just wanna send it to sumone who has done it before. I wont just send it to anyone though, it has to be a respected person on the boards....
The points are big on a psone.. You can do it man!