About Saturn Emulators?

I was wondering how hard it would be to add 3D Hardware support to the Saturn Emulators... I know the Saturn uses 'Squares' and everything else uses 'Triangles'... would it be hard to convert a 'Square' into 2 'Triangles'.. I really don't have to worry about Saturn emulation.. since I already have a modded Saturn.... but I have wondered about this for awhile...
Check out the Satourne Emulator site. So far, although there hasent been a release in a long time, the author is updating around every 1-2 weeks with more and more progress on commercial games. And from what I can tell in the screenshots, those pictures DEFINATELY use hardware rendering, the saturn couldent render that well.
Both Satourne and GiriGiri use hardware acceleration (I'd say "hardware optmizination", since noone are "accelerated" enough). They can run the games at any resolution, and use texture filtering.

The Satourne has gone even further, and seems to improve on the infamous "mesh" trasnaprencies that plagued the Saturn games, replacing them by 50% alpha blended transparencies.