About Saturn first person shooters

There are many great First Person Shooters on Saturn, like Quake, Exhumed and Duke Nukem. But none of those have 2 player splitscreen modes. I thougth about this and i haven´t found any first person games that has this. Amok is the closest i find, but it is more 3rd person.

Is there ANY splitscreen 2 player First pserson shooter on the Saturn? Maybe any japanese game has this?
I'm 99% sure there isn't. If there is, it might be a really really obscure and shitty game.

Prolly because most Saturn FPSes already stress the system a lot even in single player...
But even the Megadrive had fps´s with split screen (Blood Shot / Battle Frenzy for example), so i am shure the Saturn could do it. I mean, mostly racing games have splitscreen, and they seem to work fine.
I recall bloodshot. It sucked. It was fun BECAUSE it sucked, altough...

Well, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and Powerslave push the saturn to high limits. All 3 use a similar engine (improved in Quake 3 - to support true 3D models) that has nearly no clipping whatsoever, and if you ever player Sonic R in 2-player, you know what could happen.

Duke Nukem has a netlink 2-player mode.

And then there is Doom and Hexen... Doom... well it was horribly programmed. It can't get even 10fps in single player, just imagine 2 player... Hexen has better framerates, but also it around 20 or something.

Remember, 2-player mode = twice the stuff to draw. You can pretty much cound with your fingers the Saturn 3D games that had split-screen modes. And in all them, the scenery and models detail got heavily toned down in split-screen mode.

Also... I pretty much listed all Saturn FPSes I know (is Death Crimson a FPS? I never played it - all I know is that it sucks guts), and noone of them has splitscreen.
I know it push the hardware lots, but some managed to achieve it though:

Virtua On had a superb splitscreen mode, with high resolution to! And loads of nice effects without any slowdown. I guess that could be made in first person also.

Independence Day had a nice split screen mode with lots of detail, almost no draw in and an ok framrate all the time. It had a little low resolution though.

Battlesport acctually had a first person shoot em up split screen mode, (if you ignore tha ball and just shoot eachother

Also, Off World Interceptor, Return Fire, Robo Pit, Crime Wave ans some others have nice split screen modes, so it should be possible. But i do undetstand what you mean, it really pushes the console.
Yes, Amok had a very nice two player split screen mode. Both Deathmatch AND co-operative on all levels. I am not shure how, but they managed to include splitscreen on the usual missions to, and it doesn´t slow down at all when there are tons of enemies on the screen at once. Amok uses a voxel-engine (very nice indeed, why dont other Saturn games uses it, or maybe there is some? Ghen War perhaps. I am not shure.), the mech you control is polygonal build, as well as some scenery objects like cannons. Mostly other enemies are sprites. It is a mixed bag, but works very well in my opinion.