Action Replay 4M Plus Dual Boot Mod

Hey guys here is a simple mod i have done to my Action Replay 4M Plus cartridge so i can dual boot the Action Replay firmware as well as the Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite firmware or a different firmware, For anyone interested here is the guide i've done....

Just wanted to add with this mod it's possible to enable direct save support on the second bank by flashing a Memory Card Plus firmware to it. Since I rarely use codes I just leave it on bank 2 and am able to both save to cart and use RAM games with no issues. Pairs great with a Fenrir.
This is all I've ever wanted out of a Sega cart.
Thank all of you!
Very Good

Mine is already with pseudo saturn. If I do this schematic, how would I put the original ActionReplay flash back into the cartridge?

if i remember correctly you'd want to boot up the pseudo saturn flasher disc and then remove the cartridge and leave it booted then do the mod and plug it back in and flash pseudo saturn kai lite back onto it then after it's flashed on there change the switch position and flash the original action replay firmware on it and that should be it done.