action replay plus 4mb

I just bought this action replay plus 4mb cartridge. I put it in, see the cheat menu, okay. Next, I copy some saved games from the system to the cart. Next, I load a game, but the cartridge itself is not being registered by the system. I couldn't access my saved games in the AR.

Next, I went to the cd player screen, went to memory manager. Again, system says no cartridge. I wiggled the cartridge up and down, but the system still says no cartridge, all while though, the cheat menu is working. Anyone have any ideas?

The AR carts don't behave like 'official' ones.

You can't read saved games from them 'in game' or even from the Saturn's memory manager .

You can only shuffle them back and forth using the AR's memory manager.
I see. Thank you, Mal.

This shuffling of games will be a bitch with Shining Force 3, because I can only put two games in the system at one time, and I've got about twenty saved games!
if you can get one id recommend the offical ones, i dont think any of the 3rd party ones offer a direct save function, even the ones that only offer that function