adding a dummy file

is it possible to add a dummy file to the saturn games like u used to have to do on the old boot disc dreamcast games to speed up loading times

im just wonderin because in all the small games the loading times are horrible and if u add a dummy file and push the data to the edge of the cd that should speed it up.

does anybody know if its possible or how to do it?
i did some research

"By adding a dummy file you can:

1. Speed up loading times

2. Prolong the life of your Dreamcast’s Motor"

thats why im wonderin if u can do it on saturn and if any1 knows how to do it
Well, a lot of explanations are probably going to give the effects as reasons to do it without explaining why it actually works. In short, look up the terms "Constant Linear Velocity" and "Constant Angular Velocity".
The reads the gd-roms from the outside to the inside, not the other way round as the playstation, saturn etc. do. So if you don't add a dummy file, the data will be at the beginning of the cd. This way the laser lens always has to go all the way from the outside to the inside of the cd. This problem doesn't occur with the saturn. It starts reading at the inside, right where the data begins, no seeking here.

(hope that's right)
Nope... all CDs (and AFAIK GD-ROM also) start at the inside of the disc and read outward. The main difference is that on a CAV drive, the read speed changes depending on how far from the center of the disc the laser is.