Alex Kidd



Wulf reccommended Alex Kidd for my new SMS (which I'm waiting to get in the mail), so I do a search on eBay and there's like a gazillion different types of Alex Kidd games (Lost Stars, etc...). Which one is the best? Are they all good?
OK there are:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World: still the best IMO

Alex Kidd in High Tech World: sort of rpg

Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars: crappy plattformer

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World: pretty good shinobi clone

Alex Kidd BMX Trial: average racing game

of course this is only my point of view :

if you got a SMS2 you may be lucky and got one with Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in
alex the kidd in miracle world is the best one, but if you are buying it on its own and its not built into your sms it will cost you alot the game is quite rare but worth it, you will be playing for hours.
Yeah, I used to play Alex Kidd games all the time back when I was a kid. Miracle World is my favorite, Lost Stars was OK, and I never got into High-Tech World. I was never priveledged to own the Shinobi one or the BMX Racing.
all I played was shinobi. Luved it. Also Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle for Genny was excellent. very nice story to it.
high tech world's loads of fun

it wasn't originally an alex kidd game though it was monoke something with the sprites and plot subtly altered to make it an alex kidd game, like smb 2

lost stars is pretty neat, very arcady platformer though

of course my fav is enchanted castle (the genesis game)
I liked the road to the arcade in Hi-Tech world. It was fun, kicking the ninjas asses with the stars. Plus How the dude in the castle has Fantasy Zone records, that was pretty neat. Time was a bitch tho
I just got Shinobi World for fifty cents a few days ago... hehehe... I forget why the label on the cart is blue....
*is privaleged to have a Master System 2 with Miricle world built in*


Shinobi World imo is the best

Lost stars is O.k

High tech world? Never played that one.

As for Enchanted castle on the Genesis/Megadrive....

You gotta be kidding me??

That would've worked better on SMS. Probably have got better reviews too.
I have Shinobi AND Alex Kidd in Shinobi World for SMS.. They're pretty similar, even down to the music. Pretty fun, until you get to the wall climbing parts.
BMX was only releases in JAP format for the Mark III. Its not worth bothering with unless you got a paddle controller. (its unplayable without imo)
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World is the only Alex Kidd series that i've played... and I love it :D It brings back memories :) **sniffles**
Old threads die hard and I'm not letting this one die :)

Alex Kidd in Miracle world was awesome as was Shinobi world, Lost stars was a bit sucky but i still played it alot but i never got into or liked Hi Tech World. The racing 1 i played on dreamcast with an emulator and it sucked :(

just my 2 cents.
There are luckier people than the ones with an SMS2 with a built in Alex Kidd in Miracle world. And those are the people who have a "real" SMS (the first one) with the same game built in. ;) The SMS2 is just ugly. :devil

I've tried them all out now. I like the Hi-Tech world one, maybe a little to much trial and error (Will you wear the costume; yes; game over. Everything explained to you in a logical way though... almost :D) I didn't like the Shinobi game at all, I didn't even like the first Shinobi (Arcade/SMS/C64 and so on) and Lost Stars is complete shit. And for the BMX-trial I can't really say I tried it for a couple of seconds though. :D