Am I Hardcore?

Yes it really is an 'illegal copy of copyrighted software' but 'backup' rolls off the tongue so much more smoothly. :
This word "backup" makes me think of backing up everytime I hear it and stopping to think just what that means. Must be where the term came from.

Kinda like, "I have an illegally copied piece of copyrighted softw..." - "Whoa, dude, BACK UP there!" - "OK, I have a *backup* here..."
Originally posted by cherok@Oct. 22 2002, 7:54 pm

File sharing networks like Direct connect pretty much specialize in that kind of thing. Why it and MiRC havent been shut down yet, I do not know

if you going to suggest irc is full of nothing but file servers try using networks other than dalnet

thats like saying usenet/newsgroups are just used for warez people, some people use it for that, others dont

your also missing a fair number of other file shairing apps (winmx, edonkey/emule, kazza, limewire, bearshare and their other various incarnaions)

direct connect works on the idea of letting anyone start their own server as well, all the company providing it do is make the software to do so available (same with hotline, which is/was a much older application)

so the company providing it can claim innocence just the same as an ftp server manufacturer can do

youve got very little chance of irc dying off either, since it has several ligitmate uses and has been around for quite literally forever
Darn! I was looking for a shirnkwrapped copy of the game! And I would have paid $300 extra to have it in shrinkwrap. Now that you opened it, it is worthless! worthless!

Predicition: collectors will buy home-shrinkwrapping machines and just re-shrink the darn "collectables" before selling them.
So a game in shrinkwrap, doomed forever to sit on some shelf or in storage, is worth $300 to you.

And the disc spinning in your console and you playing the game, enjoying the sights and sounds it was programmed to create in response to your input - that's worthless??

And anyway, rewrapping already opened games darn near amounts to fraud IMHO, if we're going to stay with games being collectibles.

It's just stupid. Play the goshdarned game and shut up.
Heck yes! I shrinkwrapped my girlfriend, now she sits very still in my closet, but she will be worth more to me in 5 years!

Naw, I was being sarcastic.

If I got a copy of the Declaration of Independence, within a month, it would be sitting by the phone with some girls phone number written on the back of it.

I think being "hardcore" means tearing off the plastic the second the seller puts it in your hands! That's what gaming should be about. I was just being silly.