AMEBA a new saturn game !

I really couldn't estimate how many units it would sell. Mainly because I can't think of a single independently released Saturn game.

I think there hasn't really been any.

Though I imagine it wouldn't be too far off what the Dreamcast would sell.

As far as we know, the Saturn market is quite smaller than the DC. That's why we need to do this whole market research first... :(

I'd recommend also asking at any SEGA/Saturn-related boards such as SEGAbits, Sonic and Sega Retro Message Board, or The Saturn Lounge.

Thank you :)


Come on guys let's keep that feedback coming!
So, for our next video...


Dev Diaries #2!

Contrary to what is common in the video game and movie industries, composer Juanjo Martín has been there since the very first moment the plot for AMEBA was being planned. Which means he contributed some ideas for the main characters. This is what happens when Juanjo and yours truly meet for a late night brainstorming session…

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I was wondering if anyone had actually listened to the podcast... xD

Just in case, you can listen to it here:

And if you speak spanish, we talk Ameba and Xenocider here as well:


What's the big news? Well, as you know, Ameba will be released for the Saturn as well. But the new details are: we are releasing the game in a cardboard box similar to the classic japanese ones which included game+cart. Why? Because we are using a custom cart as well! :D