An old tutorial of mine for cracking NGCD

Just a minor note for anyone reading this doc... in one place it says the first byte of the protection code should be changed to 4E75, but in all of the examples 4F75 is used. I'm about 99% sure that 4E75 is the correct value, but I haven't tried this yet.
DOH!! You see thats why its good to have people let me know whats up!! :) Good lookin out Ex. I work on the PC sooo much and use Hex Editors sooo much my eyes tend to play tricks on me!! lol 4F 4E.......sheech!! Lemme fix the tutorial up a bit more and make it a Beta 2 Tutorial...hehehe Sorry guys my bad....Ive been workin to #### hard....
The tie doesn't function anymore: (

would you have other documentation for cracker the games of the kind last blade 2?

thank you for advance.
Hmm... looks like Babelfish has struck again...

The link still works for me. To crack more advanced protections (what other games have these? I've heard of KOF '99, Real Bout 2, and Last Blade 2, but I think patches exist for all of them) you'd probably need to learn 68000 assembly language and find out where the CD interface registers are on NGCD (e.g. by tracing the BIOS calls for loading files from CD), then look for code that does strange things with them (i.e. instead of calling the BIOS).

for KOF 99 is it good I have find the ace but for several games neo cd me serious galley :( if someone is able to help me?

thank you.
Yo!! me and ask your friends to better decipher your english for you and if I can figure out what you want I can help you out!!! :) PLUS tell me where you got your kof 99 game origonally, and what home system are you playing it on!!! Those 2 info are Extremely important!!
Not to be an @ss0 but your english is worse than SNK's!! LOL, tell us what you want in English and maby we can help you out.....and Sorry if you dont like my attiteude, Im just like that. hehehehe
I have a neo cdz and I downloaded on internet an iso and mp3.

is it necessary to put the same thing always for all the games to protect by the same protection?

thank you.
yes you can play that game on your system, but it needs to be cracked and I do NOT have that game yet, so I cant help you with that game s protection schemes....But YES it needs to be cracked in order to play on the CDZ....
@ss0 but your english is worse than SNK's!!

Haha thats funny because in the games and the instruction manuals I used to always be like what the heck is goin on ?.... oh well the games fun .

Especially older games .
#### I love SNKs english...LOL Do you know how many years I thought that Anderground Passage of Terror was meant to be spelled like that on purpose....hahahaha, I allways wondered what an Anderground was. hahahaha
Whats that magician lord ?

Is it supposerd to be underground passage of terror ?

Magician lords the worst ..the instruction book made absolutly no sense , neither did the opening scene and then when you get a game over it says somthing like :

"Aagin changes to ####" whatever that means
yup thats Magician Lord......Your power is powerless in our presence...hehehe you are very dead down here! LOL aagin changes to hell! what a great game!! To this day, they should have made part 2. 600+ MEGS!! now that would be awesome....confusing...but awesome...VICTOLY!!