anime nice!

looks like this was a good discusion topic - people seem to have this incomon as well as sega

im not going to add a "i recomend list" but i will STRONGLY recomend NOT i repeat NOT watching dubbed versions of anime unless its the last resort-- they just totaly plain suck monkey ass!! no mater what your argument is MANGA is the only compnay i can tolerate (thier voice actors seem to be the best at dubbing)

also if any of you guys like to see the latest shit - check out streamload (if you dont know about it ) -- fan subbers put thier vidieos on it -- you can get the latest i mean shit thats currently playing on Japanese TV

or find a shop that sells fan subs -- only shop i know of is the octopus kingdom - in NY china town - i havent been there in a while since i dont live in NY any more so i dont know if they are still around
Subs are usually better, but there are some good dubs out there, like ones done by manga inc. or whatever the hell theyre called. GTO was voiced pretty well.

Just dont watch toonami (Funimation's bitch) unless you like crappily dubbed anime and the same 20 or so eps shown for a whole year over and over again.

I still love Aeon Flux, though.
Good question. My brother always tells me he can't keep up with it, and prefers dubs. There's always the rewind/search button, isn't there? :
Hey let me ask soemthing about subs. Whenever I watch an anime and this seems common across ALL anime, but whenever there are subs there is always some comparison to a cockroach. Usually the hero will say how the enemy is somehow like a cockroack or whatever. But when on a dvd, if i turn on eng. subs and have eng. language on they will also often differ from eachother very much and again with the cockroach metophores in the subs are not there in the dubs. So can someone explain this to me? Is that like a symbol of disgust in Japan?
i dont know what your talking about gallstaff

that must be some newer anime that i havent seen - i have a shit load of anime i havent watched yet

what movie or series inparticular are you refering to

yea subs are diferent depending on who translates them especialy fan subs - i think they all interpret slang in thier own way like some subbers put a shit load of swears in the sub and some don't - i avoid the subbers that use an excesive amount of swearing that dosent even exist in the original diolouge - i like more literal translations rather than someones interpretation of slang or thier version of what the diologue should be - dont rememebr the name of the group right now

but you may be right about cockroach meaning something bad or worthless
you could always watch it dubbed first to find out wtf is going on in the movie and the general plot and such, THEN watch it subbed so you don't have to pay attention to the action as much and find out what is REALLY going on and what the REAL plot is
well you can turn on the english dub and english sub at the same time. I do that to see how they differ.
ive watched subs on vhs and then dubs on vhs to compare and the dubs in my opinion changed the sotry to some degree

i understand that they have to take steps so that the dubbed dialogue fits with the mouth movement, but changeing the story around is not needed in my opinion

example i saw a few interviews and they all mentioned that all you need is the essence or the point to be there and fit it to the lip sync - man every dub ive compared cut out too much and downgraded the dialogue to simpler english

sorry i cant think of many examples at the moment

but a couple are wind called amesia and nausica