Another Burning Question

I was just wondering, since i use emulation to play sega cd isos, is there a better way to put many on a cdr but have them playable? When you play off an image how could u get sound? do u need to have the mp3 in wav to hear? Like if i play an image off the HD how do i get full sound? unzip the image and convert mp3 to wav? to fit the most on cdrs and have em play able would u need to make a dir say spidermand and have the iso and wavs? woudl that work? too abd the emus can play em compressed. I really want to know the best way to optimize cdrs.
first read the readme for the emulator

you cant fit "many" games on to one cd r, unless you just want to put the mp3's and iso's onto the cd, rather than burn them properly as a mixed mode cd which would work in the mega cd