Any Knight Rider Fans here?


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and finally I learned purple and black are cool colors when paired together

(one more useless post..)
Originally posted by IceMan2k@Jun 3, 2003 @ 01:59 AM

Why an 82 pontiac trans-am is the car of choice

i think burt reynolds made a better case for the 77 special edition trans am. besides, a car that talks has too get annoying after awile, "michael... her heels are scratching the tint off of the windows..."
I used to have Knight Rider on the nes...never saw the tv show, and unfortunately, I haven't been as well educated as you <_<
MasterAkumaMatata, post a screenshot from Irfanview or somethin'. Some of us are on dial-up.

and if I hear 1 more broadband user brag, bitch, or question why I don't get BB, I'm breaking their fingers.
Knight Rider was a great show....i still love KitT and KarR, but the show just isn't as exciteing as it use to be when i was younger.

(thanks Akumamatata)
Originally posted by Zziggy00@Jun 3, 2003 @ 03:32 PM

Knight Rider was a great show....i still love Kit and Kar, but the show just isn't as exciteing as it use to be when i was younger.

If you love them that much, the least you could do is spell their names correctly; they're spelled KITT and KARR.
.....Ice, akuma....and anyone else that can remember the show so well.......Don't it make you feel SO old!

shall we upload the theme tune to the site for all to hear!

.....what about other greats from the 80's airwolf/streethawk/a-team.....remember them too?
I loved A-Team.
George Peppard was always so coolly relaxed with his big cigar... Mr. T, woohoo!! And Dwight Schultz.. always good for a laugh. Man.

Never really watched Street Hawk. But here's a little anecdote for ya folks. I have an album by Tangerine Dream called Le Parc, which is a collection of instrumentals about various locations on Earth... such as Berlin Tiergarten (zoo), Paris, Kyoto in Japan etc...

Anyway, track 6 - I don't remember the name now, but I remember the track #, go figure - track 6 is subtitled L.A. Streethawk. I love that tune, and didn't learn until much later that it's actually the title theme to Street Hawk, therefore explaining the subtitle.