Any other titles (saturn, import SegaCD, 3DO) similar to Mansion of Hidden Souls?

I just picked up Mansion of Hidden Souls for the Sega CD cheap at a thrift store. I'd never thought to get it before because adventure/rpg type of games usually aren't for me. I never got into Myst or Snatcher or those "horror" games. If it involves talking to people to look for clues, I'm usually not interested. But there's something about Mansion. It's just that it's kind of creepy, but not blatant, that intrigues you. Most of the puzzles are around you, rather than talking. I actually enjoyed playing and trying to figure out the next puzzle. I'm not too far in yet though.

It reminds me of that internet puzzle game someone posted on here a few years ago. Anyone remember what that was or can find the link to it again? It was a webpage, and at each webpage you had to find the clue to uncover how to get to the next webpage. Some of them were images that had a small clickable link to the next page. Some had a clue to the URL of the next webpage. And each page was just some kind of creepy low-res image and there was some creepy repetative sound effect in the background. It was just kind of the off-creepy factor that made it really intriging. I'd love to find that again. I only got to like page 7 or so before I got stuck.

But I was wondering if there were any other similar games? I know there's a ton of FMV adventure games for import Sega CD. And there's probably more for Saturn and 3DO. I'd have no idea which ones would be interesting or in the same vein, so just looking for recommendations.

If you havn't tried any of the Myst games yet then I would highly recommend them. The second game, Riven, is the best but if you're looking for something easier then try Myst III: Exile. It is better for those who find the first two too hard.

As for web sites, there used to be one called Dark Days are Coming but it has since been taken down and many people have solved it but if you still want to solve them by yourself then try here;

If you like spot the differnce puzzles then 6 Differences is a good one;