Anyone else go to

I hate it i go to them and i read stuff and it just makes me angry i don't know why i go to them but i always do. anyone else have this problem?
Problem? I thought getting pissed at people was the purpose of politics.
Geez, thats like asking for hemoroids!(Unecessary pain in the ass) Too much misinformation and just plain crap make me mentally constipated.
I agree with Falstaff, it's a matter of sparing myself the headache I know I'm gonna have.

There are things I am concerned with, but I prefer to spend my personal time - what I value over anything - towards things that make me happy, to get away for a while.

Today, for example, I was arguing with someone who made better fighters - Sega or Namco. My kind of argument.
i hear enough bullshit politics on TV and outside the computer. Theres no reason for me to browse forums and get pissed at a bunch of assfucks wheni can just argue with actual people and the TV