Anyone going to e3?

Just wondering who's going to E3 next month? I will be attending probably Thursday and Saturday.

Just wondering if we can meet up one of the days and check out E3 and to finally meet everyone on this board.

Let me know who's going and maybe we can hang out in LA and have some fun!

Can't get any tickets
if i was 18 now i would, but that wont happen till next year. but i am gonna go next year if i get the money and a ticket. how much did you pay for the ticket kyosuke?
I get the tickets for free because I get the applications from them and all I have to do is send my business card, payment stub and ad of the company i work for.

They dont know that is not video game is a software i guess its close enough.

Also, my other friends get tickets from work so sometimes i get em for others...