Anyone here use LaserDiscs?

I recently found a Columbia Laser Disc player- it's my first experience with LD players and it seems like a pretty decent one (automatically plays side B without flipping the disc, also plays cd's). But when it comes to reading the disc (either an LD or a CD), it either works or it doesn't. If it recognizes the disc, it plays flawlessly, but if not, it doesn't play at all. I really don't think the disc themselves are the problems- some cd's that show some obvious wear work great, but others that are almost in brand new condition don't work. I only own 1 LD- the 3 disc set of Aliens. LD 3 isn't being recognized, and I want to see the ending dammit :damn:

Anyone ever heard of this problem, and can i fix it? I already tried one of those cd cleaners on it but it didn't recognize the disc (the laser looks fine anyway).
Never mind, fixed it already. Ran some tissue paper over the lens, blow a fan into the innards, and made sure everything was connected tightly on the inside. Seemed to do the trick.