Anyone here with XP?


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Just a minor irritation really.. when using programs that run at low resolutions (Gens, the PC Virtua Fighter 2 etc.) I get this horrendous screen flicker which I guess is XP's way of telling me that low resolutions are bad for you. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for a fix or a workaround of some kind, or if they are using XP and experiencing no problems with it, in which case I'll have to look elsewhere for the answers..

Eek, really?

I haven't tried Gens since I upgraded to XP.

BTW, how does the PC version of VF2 compare to the arcade and Saturn versions?
I have no problems using Gens on my XP laptop. Your problem is more likely that your graphics card doesn't support those resolutions, or the driver your are using isn't capable of displaying them properly.

What G/C are you using?

You could try running gens in a window - that might help. Also make sure you are using at least the "double" render setting in Gens- might help some.
The PC version of VF2 is at least as good as the Saturn version.. Can't say about the arcade since I've never seen a VF2 cab
. You can actually make it better than the Saturn version graphics-wise, with more detailed character models and backgrounds, but the only really annoying thing about it is that I can't find any way of saving your settings, so every time you play you have to mess around with it.

Curtis, my video card is a Geforce 4 MX440 with the latest drivers.. At first I thought it would be my video card but after exploring every avenue that way I went into the place I bought the system and they told me that XP doesn't support low resolutions, and that my video card could not be the problem. I know XP has trouble running low-res programs full screen (display doesn't resize properly when changing resolutions) so I assumed the flicker would be something to do with this incompatability..

Magic Engine is another example, you can change the .ini so it runs fullscreen at 1024x768 but there is still the flicker every few seconds because of the PC Engine's low-res output.

My computer laughs in my face
I don't get this problem at all and i'm running xp for home use, not office. I do get a different, non-hindering problem. Whever xp switches to low res, the screen goes into hybernate for 2 seconds then goes back to normal, hybernate, then back again to my screen and stays that way till i'm done, in which it repeates the process. Doesn't bother me i think it's actually my screen and not my computer or OS. I am using a geforce 2 mx (no idea what number).
I have a gf2 mx400 and it doesn't have any of these troubles. Check the drivers version, and download the latest nvidia winxp certified drivers.

Maybe you should download rivatuner from and tweak you card a bit (it has a refresh rate fix for winxp, maybe that's the problem?).
Change your desktop resolution to a lower setting. That is what I do and I run games like Raiden II, Dracula X, all Gens games that I have and I never have problems. Set it to 24-bit for example.
16 bit for GENS, but color depth should not matter, as Gens automatically switches to 16 bit mode anyway.

try the advanced options of the Video Card Properties, there is an option to display smaller resolutions, that may be of assistance, then lower your resolution to 640x480, and check the refresh rate.
Thanks for all the input guys, unfortunately I've tried all this stuff already.. Guess I'll just have to put up with it
. The funny thing about the screen not resizing properly with lower resolutions is that my system came with a packed-in copy of Driver, which has fairly low resolution graphics and that doesn't resize properly either. Surely they wouldn't package a PC with software that highlights a problem straight away? My main worry is that when I get my new TV, the games will display the same on there through the TV-out. If they don't then the problem doesn't matter so much, so I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Thanks again for the responses