anyone know where to find segacd backup roms?

Isos, they are isos, and they are practically on every ftp if you have bothered looking. plus no begging for backup images please.
Um... There are no ROMs for SCD. Well.... yes there are, unless you count the BIOS ROMs ;). This is getting rather annoying everyone asking for ISOs (I used to do it, I know, but not anymore, I don't wanna be banned again like I was last December). Just a warning though: You'll probably be banned.

Edit: ####! You beat me Ratahamatta. I had to leave my computer for about 15 minutes.

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Quote: from Ratamahatta on 4:38 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

I'm the king of replies and forums cloud, i live here man.

IT's true, it says he joined in December, that's like 116 days if it was december 1st ,and like he now has 1050]

so 1050/116 is about 9.05... posts a day.

You're at 51, hehe, and you joined in july, so that's like 269 days, and 51/269 = .189... posts perday... fine I'll add your 500 and your -20, so that's like 571 so 571/269 = 2.12 posts per day.

I need more coffee.