Anyone Seen Naruto?

i was just wondering, acouple of places are releasing the fansubs. Toriyama's World is prolly the best place though. they have 17 episodes subbed so far, and they usualy come out 2 days after they are aired in japan.
Its about ninjas and the sort, more super natural, and the story flows really nice, not to mention the magnificent artwork. check out the site.

i would try getting the series off of Kazaa before trying to find them on IRC, but after u get them off of kazaa, they are using BitTorrent to release all the newest episodes. its a really easy and fast way to download them. all the info u need should be there to start downloading.

p.s. i got the first 14 episodes off of kazaa, and the download speeds were actualy fast, considering i leeched all of them in one night, about 9 hours.
the mangas seem to be pretty cool. anyone whos into mangas should prolly start picking up shonen jump. 300 pages of manga for $5 is a unbeatable deal!
i got a subscription

Viz kinda messed up the translation on naruto though.