Anyone seen ShenSonic?


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Check out some of the screenshots.

Don't forget to read the Character Bios.

It's hella
not really...I would have come anyway. ;)

And about the demo1, it looks pretty crap to

me nowdays...the second one is so much better! :)

And you can play it soon too!
I made it with Multimedia Fusion Express, you can get its demo from the full-version you have to pay.

ShinJedah, yeah it is a cool idea. I wouldnt make it if it wasnt...

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rad... is it completly hard to understand like that god forsaken starcraft campagin editor or is it more simple... i just don't feel like going out of my way to download and crack it if it's not good.
every new thing in life is hard at first, ya know...:)

It was hard for me at the start, but look what I have

done now. ;) Download The Games Factory from and in installation choose "Home

Version"....BTW, ShenSonic Demo2 is ready! :))

it isnt in the net yet though...I will add it before or at 9th of this month. It is about 5 megs.