AOL Broadband


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My friend wants to play online, he's already payed for the online service, but he says it doesn't work for AOL. Is there a way?
AOL and broadband don't fit in the same category. Hehe!

Tell him to get a router, that should work.
aparently only certain aol capable routers can be used, and even those don't work. I just read that AOL will soon support X-Box live, but it's an extra 5 dollar service charge. Jesus.

It's not even funny anymore, I can't stand AOL. I just went into their X-Box forums, but not before I was treated to all the EA advertising for their games. This mostly because their game section is brought to them by the letters E and A.

I don't understand the purpose of a, i don't want to say fascist, but super controling isp.

Aren't most promoted AOL keywords just referers to actual websites?
yes, you can. just think of the Xbox as a PC (as if that wasn't easy enough already), and you can do so, just connect it to a proxy server running AOL.

put 2 network card in 1 computer

install and Run AOL on that computer

use a crossover cable to connect the PC to the Xbox

download and install a proxy server, like Internet Connection Sharing, or Analogx's Proxy

and, you are good to go.
AnalogX's proxy doesn't seem to always work - I highly recommend SohoConnect. Outstanding program, it's a much better program than AX Proxy.