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I need to talk to you about making superguns, I plan on producing a few at my home but i need to know the dos and donts of making one, completely inside and out.
My names not akron but I plan on doing the same thing ... heres a the bigest thing in my opinion , Instead of buying the $2 edge connector and soldering your own wires on it spring for the $20 harness with 4-6 feet of wires , this made the project very easy because the wires are all different colors . Also my harness has a map printed on the side , and the wires are very much a part of the connector and the key is professionally in there . I used fuseable links instead of a board with fuseholders .
I actually hate the pre-made jamma harnesses, they usually have too many or too few wires, and tend to be expensive too.

drop me a PM and we can discuss it, but send specific questions, I don't plan on writing up half a book.

this is basically the harness that I used .

I like it alot its very well put together , bet you coudnt rip the cables out if you wanted to and and everything has wires except keys and jeez there long wires ...not like the mas system that the controllers come out three inches from the system .
I believe it is .

Not only that but but it has a legend on the side of it and every single wire is a different color , except duplicates , like the 5v power supplies are all the same color . Last its not that expensive , I can get that one brand new a couple of suburbs over for $20 . Its worth spending the extra 15 dollars so you have much less soldiering to do you get a more reliable connector , plus the color coding and legend makes it so easy follow its not funny .

See also look at a few inches down from the connector it has stickers separating everything , player one controllers , sound , video , power ect .

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