Arcade cabinets


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Well what I want to do is build an arcade cabinet to house one (if possible all) of my consoles. If the project seems too diffucult for me to take on, i will see if i can buy one with no boards or monitors. The main thing i want to do with this is be able to play ddr and make it feel authentic. I want to house my ps2 in there. Like i said I could just buy one, scratch off the side logos and replace some of the paneling. Does anyone know where i could find what i need and how to do this or a place to buy empty cabinets?

Oh also, I'm pretty sure it is possible to house a console in there right? If it is, i want to know if there's a way to take it out.
This is very possible. I dunno about having multiple consoles, but I know for a fact that putting a PS2 into a cabinet is not problem. Some simple soldering skill is needed to wire the PS2 controller to the arcade parts (I assume you want authentic parts, microswitch and all). You can order them from (model 58-961X-L, 1.65 each). A cabinet is pretty simple to build. It's just a box with a Tv or monitor in it, and shelves. Build your own arcade ( can help you with the construction. I, however, recomend buying a cabinet. Here are some simple tips when buying a gutted cabinet:

1) Don't buy from an arcade. They will rip you off. My experiences have been that they want $500 for a GUTTED simpsons arcade cabinet

2) Don't buy from an arcade vender. They will rip you off as well. $300 for a gutted cabinet is still too expensive.

3) DO buy from an arcade repair center. I dunno if you have one near you, but down here in Houston Texas, we have a nice shop called the 'Houston Arcade Game Repair Center'. They sold me a NON-GUTTED wonderboy cabinet for $25! That included the monitor, 6 buttons, and a coin slot! Plus no S&H! so look around, and you can find some great deals

Er, if you need more help, I suggest going to the Arcadeathome ( MB, or the Build-your-own-arcade MB. They are very knowledgable, and friendly to boot.

Hope this has helped you.
Thanks that does help. But I need to know: If i'm really soldering challenged would I still be able to do this. All i need is a gutted cabinet, a monitor of some sort, a ps2, my controllers, and two of my DDR pads. I could link them from the ps2 controllers so all of them would still work. I really don't want to use arcade-style controls for the standard hand controllers.

Is there anything else i should know before paying the whole 1.25 cents for this cabinet? Ain't se a beaut'? Think that would fit my needs?
This site may be of some assistance, too.

Its really about MAME cabs, but it does explain how to hook up several different consoles to your standard JAMMA cab.

For the record, I was able to get a fully functional, 6 button JAMMA cab, with 19" monitor for $200 from a local arcade. Not as good as $25, but still not bad in my opinion.
That cabinet would have done fine.

As you are looking to use standard DDR pads and PS2, the only issue is what you'd end up using as a monitor.
my tv... I'd have to cut holes in the sides and back but i'd just re-patch them when the tv was set in place,
In that case, it couldn't be much easier.

You might need to make a hole or two to feed the DDR pads' cables through and add a shelf to sit the TV on, but beyond that you'd just treat the cabinet like a shelving system and hook up the console as you normally would.

No soldering or odd wiring should be necessary.

If you did want to add any 'arcade' controls in the future that's a different story.
Yup. What i'd probably do was drill to holes just big enough to fit the controllers through in the bottom so that's where the ddr pads would connect. THis may be more complicated than i'm prepared for but is there anyway to hook up all my systems in this one cab.? I have a source changer (RWY) from radio shack so i could use that but is there any easier way? Not solder requring?
Yeah, you could just make a splitter cable with lots of RCA sockets at one end and only one set of plugs to go into your TV. So long as you don't have more than one console turned on at one time (duh), you should be fine.
oh also could someone point me in the direction of extremely cheap arcade cabinets? Ones with montors if possible. If not that's ok too...
Why dont you build your own? Shipping one of those things would be brutal on the bank account. I am sure you can find the dimensions out there on the net, or hell, you could make your own to fit your TV, PS2 etc. Put a good $200 dow on some nice wood, and you have a unit that is better than the original
Cause really I would have no idea where to begin plus i don't have any tools, not even a saw. I would want it done right, even if it's in pretty shitty shape that's not a problem.
Can anyone vouch for the hard plastic ddr mats? Not the flmisy kind but the hard plastic like 50-100 dollar ones? I'm thinking of getting those. Do they capture the arcade feel?
I think they are the same basically , and DO capture the arcade feel (or so they advertise) But with some modifications to the flimsys, you can reproduce it quite nicley, no?
Le plastic Wrap! Go to a hardware store and buy some of that plastic they throw over housing insulation. That may do the trick
I'm pretty sure that would make it too thick as there is already a plastic layer above the sensor. If the plastic covering was just covering the sensor alone it would work no i don't think so. So um can you get me instructions for how to mod the flimsy plastic one to make it hard and cool? I'm guessing you'd just need to make th emetal box, but in a rack, slip in the pad snugly and drill some holes no?
I would assume so. I have never done it before either, although my guess is get a sheet of plywod that fits the mat, some double sided carpet laying tape, and viola!

Is the mat slippery? In that case, put the plastic over it and wear shoes, or pour orange juice all over the top of the mat, to make it sticky.
my friend has 2 hard plastic mats, and they feel great, almost like the arcade.

also, i wish i had a digital cam to show you that i made a dance pad out of (dont laugh at my genious) wood, yes, mad skillz plywood
. at least i think its cool.