Arcade Stick for Gamecube

Hey Guys,

Ikaruga is coming to the GC. I all ready have it for the DC, but I'd like to have a quality schmup on GC. Are there any good arcade sticks for the GC? Or will I have to get a ps2 controller converter?? Thanks guys.
If you're loaded, there's the X-Arcade. Hori are releasing a GC stick when Soul Calibur II comes out, which I'll hopefully be getting unless it's ridiculously priced. I wasn't looking forward to using the GC controller for fighting games, though it's great for everything else.
Another option is using a PS to GC adapter, and get a good PS joystick. I use one when I play Capcom VS SNK 2. When a good GC joystick comes out that has analog control, that would be great for other games like Mario Sunshine, Sonic Adventure 2 Battles, Resident Evil, etc...
if you're looking for a cheap PS2-Gamecube converter, go here: , they have the gamecube joybox for $9, and shipping is around $2. Their website looks unprofessional, but I bought three Xbox-PS2 converters for $7 each and $3 shipping and they work great. There's a pretty good Namco arcade stick for the PS, look for it on ebay.