Are any of these worth Picking Up?


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There today, I bought miracle warriors.

So I want to know which of these I should get.

They were all complete and they were 5 bucks

There was:

Rampage (isn't this one rare? or am I just thinking wrongly?)

Space Harrier

Miracle Warriors

Alien Syndrome (I have a copy already, would another do me any good?)

ahhh there were more... but i forgot them, some of them were some others i already have)
I remember playing Miracle Warriors for hours on end when I was a nipper. What a game!

Oh, and the music from Space of the best tunes ever :D

Especially get Miracle Warriors...this game is rare. Not super rare like outrun 3d or Alex kidd in shinobi world or golden axe warrior but its the rarest out of your list I believe.

But I agree with everyone else...pick them ALL up! SMS stuff is harder to find these days...