Are there any boot discs available for Saturn?

I'm a noob with Saturn burning... so if you can help me out, that would be great.

Is there any boot discs available for the Saturn?

If not, then do I HAVE to use the swap method?
Ok, I have a Model 2 Saturn, and I just can't get the swap to freaking work.

I have the first swap ok. Where it checks out the protection and crap... but its hard getting the copied CD back into the thing in time. And when I DO put it back in, the speed of the CD goes fast, slow, fast, slow... and etc. ARGH. Any pointers?
yeah, i have around this forum and check out the Miscellaneous section on your left
hey i just thought of this. for people having a hard time swapping, could they install an access lead like in the model 1 which blinks corospondingly?
The older model 1 Saturns that had a seperate controller PCB that has a place for a 'disc access' LED. I think someone tried attaching one once, but it didn't do anything.

I finally tracked down a link.
There are boot disks available on the saturn, but you would need an original one to get games to work without using the swap method. You can find copies of the backup disks on some ftps i think, but you would need the swap method to get them to work, which defeats the purpose.