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I was thinking about this before bed last night for some reason...

Anyone know movies, films, books, etc that sega has cameoed in....

I remember on Mallrats, jason lee was playing a sega sports hockey game...

Drew Carey owns or owned a Saturn. I don't watch it anymore, so I don't know if they dropped that.

On an episode of Damon, they were playing a Dreamcast

That's all I could think of now

Anyone remember Childs Play 2? What was that handheld that the little kid was playing... was it a Gamegear, or a Lynx?

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Chasing Amy..they own a Sega Genesis

American Pie 2..I am guessing that Stifler's brother's bike's basket had the SEGA logo on it. I only saw it for a split second. I could be way wrong.

The Simpsons episode where Bart is deciding whether to shoplift the fighting game, and all these mascots appear convincing him to do it..Of course, Sonic is there: "Just take it. TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT!!!!"

And of course..Sega really shoulda marketted Genesis Powerbands:


Also, for Mallrats..Jason Lee said a neat quote about guys who play Sega..buuuut I don't remember it.
In terminator 2 jhon o'connor (is this the name of the kid?) were in a arcade with some sega machines (don't remember them well, but I think I saw afterburner).

In Malcolm, his little brother was playing dc once with a band in a truck.

I another episode of Malcolm, they were playing with a saturn.

In Evangelion the kids play just with saturns :)

And man, I like a lot the scene in Mallrats where the sega genesis appear. One of the best I've ever seen, jajaja :)
Terminator 2 is my all-time favorite movie, and yes, Afterburner was one of them (the original I think, I had Afterburner II a few years ago, but then we lost it, and I don't recognize that level that John was playing)
If i remember correctly, Drew Carey (older series), i think he had a saturn...

Jackie Chan - rumble in the bronx, he hands a kid his game gear

in my home movie, i had a dc, megadrive, megacd II, saturn, game gear... but that doesnt really count ;)

more will come to me as i think harder... @ work now :(
In Shenmue, there's a Saturn in Ryo Hazuki's TV room, not to mention Hang-On and Space Harrier at the You Arcade, those are the two games you can play with Ryo's Saturn as well.

Not sure about Shenmue II though, haven't played it.
I believe the version of hockey they are playing in Swingers is NHL94. You can tell this because in the movie they talk about how you can now injure players (they show the little broken leg guy ala 94) and how they've removed the fighting (another 94 feature changed from 93 I believe). I find 94 to be the best in the series - still looking for a better hockey game on any newer console (one with the same perspective - no 3D stuff).
In Fushigi Yugi (first Box Set), after Miaka returns back to her world for the first time, she's in the mall arcade with some of her classmates looking for her best friend, Yui Hongo. You see Virtua Fighter (not sure which version though) in the background. Someone is using Sarah and defeats her male opponent with a single attack and wins the round.
In an episode from the 3rd season of The X Files, the main character (excluding scully & mulder) is playing on the arcade machine of Virtua Fighter 2.
In an old episode of Casualty (British TV series set in a hospital) a small boy was playing with a Game Gear. The low point of the episode came when the child's mother exploded into a rage and smashed the GG into tiny pieces on the floor of the hospital :(

In one of the episodes of Evangelion the red haired girl (Can't remember her name, been long timesience I saw the series) is shown playing a Saturn.
An interesting one:

In Waynes World, as the backdrop for te Noah's Arcade ad (in between Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pet and the Clapper), Sonic 1 was used (if i recall, Star Light Zone...). But the interesting thing is that u never actually see sonic, just the level... (Noah's head is in front of him...)
In home alone 3 the boy was playing Game Gear .. even on the case of the video you can see that he has a yellow game gear ..

In enemy of the state .. (Will Smith) two kids were playing Sega Saturn ..

About playstation .. i saw couple of movies that people were playing it .. like Romeo Must Die .. a fat guy with some others were playing a football game .. dont know which one tho .. i didnt see any PS2 players in movies yet ..
Interesting note on 'Enemy of the State', will smith's character was chased becuase of some top secret chip stashed inside his kid's turbo express. Chip or no chip I would've chased his ass for the tg express. The game in Romeo Must Die was Madden 2001.
I have seen some of romeo must die, including the part where they are playing madden 2001, but I never knew it was that game until now. I don't know much about sports games, never found one I could get into.