My personal favourite Asterix game for any system. Colourful graphics, nicely planned levels, and plenty of secrets.

Not without it's flaws though. There were some frustrating forced scrolling levels that often meant you had to die a few times to work out the pattern. It was also a little short IMO. The sound... well, there aren't a lot of nice things to say about the sound on any Master System game

What's your opinion?
Hi, Oh men!!!!! Asterix of master system is a gem!!!!!! Colorfull graphics, great action, you can choose asterix or obelix depending the level. With Shinobi are my two best games for Master System and of course my favourite asterix game on any system.This game shows the potential of master system against the other 8 bits systems. For me 10/10. If compared with asterix and the great rescue from infogrames, this game is much much better. SEGA makes a perfect work with asterix, a perfect platform game, that never past of time.

Greetings from Spain, and again, sorry for my poor english........
Does anyone know if this had a US release? The Asterix comic series is of French origin (like Tin Tin), so it may have been PAL/SECAM only...
The almost (thanks ornia :) non-existent response proves pretty much that it was PAL only :p

Well, I feel a little sorry for the NTSC world, as this was a great title, and got high ratings in most of the UK gaming mags out at the time.

Anyone remember Mean Machines and Mean Machines Sega from Emap publishing (same guys who did C+VG)? Damn they were good magazines!
Yeah, Mean Machines! When I was a wee kiddie I used to spend hours in the newsagents reading those (pocket money was only enough to buy Gamesmaster). I remember reading about this mythical thing called the 'Neo Geo' in there and how the games cost the equivalent of several lifetimes worth of six-year old's pocket money

On a side note about Asterix, years ago I read one of the comics where the word 'orgy' was used in it's old sense (a party where Romans got out of it and dunked bread in boiling cheese) and for quite a while wondered why adults looked at me funny when I suggested having an orgy every now and again.
You *can* play Asterix on NTSC. Just find the Brazillian version. The Brazillian SMS used the same country code as the US SMS. Also, it runs at 60Hz, like the US ones.
Myname: Yeah, I remember that Asterix story too :)

The orgy also included a room for vomiting, and people would get beaten with a stick, a whip or a club depending on how many times they lost their bread in the cheese... trully crazy stuff :p