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what tools are used to create the audio (from pcm?) as in the competition (knuckles) entry and the sega examples?
thanks for the info on the tool. every time i try to convert wav 2 pcm it gives me one pcm file, and a basically empty header file. any idea whats up with that? can you also explain the change it needed? was it just hex to decimal? i also think a binary file would probably work better but i've definatly not seen any examples using one.
Here is a better explanation of the process:

1 : convert a .WAV sound file to a raw format

2 : convert this raw file into a C struture (using a bin2c prog, it is easily found on the net)

3 : Your C file should looks like this :

#define SELECT_LEN 26686

 char select[]=






Add this at the end of file :

Uint32 select_size = sizeof(select);

PCM select_dat = {(_Mono | _PCM8Bit) , 0 , 127 , 0 , 0x7f00 , 0 , 0 , 0 , 0};

You should en up with a working sound file (it should make some noise at least)

Hope this help ...
Hello busy contest fighters!

Sorry for the problems with the previous SSwavetools.exe.

Due to this discussion, I removed a lot of little bugs from the program. Now it does a much better job.

Go there to download the new beta 2: The Rockin-B news

I very look forward to the end of the contest. Hopefully we will have some cool new apps and games for Saturn!


The Rockin'-B
Does anyone have any experience with the music in Shining the Holy Ark or Grandia? I just bought both of them, they will probably arrive sometime next week. I've already played STHA, and I don't recall it having any sort of handy sound test, so recording it off the system would be a pain. So, I am hoping I can convert/rip the music directly from the disc.
Grandia uses ADX streams packed into a massive .STZ file.

There is a Saturn utility made by some Japanese dude called CINEPAK.EXE that can open and convert .ADX, .CPK, .CAK (Cinepak video with ADX audio), .CAX (packed .CAK files) and .SZT (packed .ADX files).

That app kicks butt, since it can even convert Burning Rangers' and Lunar 2's videos to .AVI perfectly, with audio.

Google for cp100b26.lzh.
Sweet, I just got them in the mail. Thanks for the info, I'm busy converting away now. You're right, this app is excellent! If only I knew what those options did, they probably arent necessary for my purposes, but it bugs me a bit.

I don't suppose anyone knows anything about the audio in Shining the Holy Ark? What are .mdx / .mdt files?