Aussie Trying to play PSO


I have noticed that the aussie version of PSO (gamecube) says that it doesnt support online play (even though you get a hunters license). But i was wondering if there are any other aussies out there with a modem or BBA adapter that are using the aussie software for online play?

It's just like the Bonus disc that came with Zelda - Wind waker... (OOT and MQ)

In the australian version, they removed all the movies of games not yet released...

(F-zero, Wario something and one more... I think...)

Anyway, I think you should be able to play online if you get a Modem or BBA...

(depending on your connection)

If not, get the European version, it'll work with your GC

(Out from what I've picked up, there's still no change in the gaming consoles "regions" between Europe and Australia (As in, Europe and Australia can exchange games for every console, without problems,only some NES consoles will give you problems with that, but removing the lock-out chip in a NES is a simple task)