Avi2cpk converter

Are you sure it's AVI to CPK you're talking about and not the other way around? According to RadSil, this is the command line syntax on how to use it:

dos4gw avi2cpk.exe <infile> <outfile>

You'll need dos4gw.exe because avi2cpk.exe isn't properly linked to dos4gw.

BTW, a practical use of Avi2cpk would be to change the FMV's of some of the games (that plays CPK movies) to something else. BTW, RadSil, I still haven't experimented yet, I promise that I'll let you know when I have. ;)

Edit: Didn't realize that <infile> and <outfile> weren't displayed. It's now fixed.

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Ive converted the file properly. The thing is i need the command line to tell the saturn to read it. you got any idea? until then i'll be experimenting
I'd experiment by taking a game that uses CPK movies and replace those CPK movies with ones that I've converted from my customized AVI movies.

You can probably use CDmage 1.02.1 Beta 5 to replace the CPK movies from a Saturn ISO with the one you made, or you could try to re-master the entire CD by extracting all the files to your HDD, replace the CPK files, create an ISO from those files using MKISOFS.EXE, patch the boot sector back into that ISO you just created with IPINS.EXE or some fancy hex editor.

To preserve the original file ordering, you can use IsoBuster to output a text file containing the Tree Info of the CD and then use some tool called F2S.EXE to convert it to a sort text file suitable to use with MKISOFS.EXE to re-create an ISO with the orginal file ordering.

The last step would be to burn and test on your Saturn.
WEll I went ahed and burnt my cpk files that i did before i read the post and messed up. The saturn says disc unsutable for system. well i'll try it your way

I was thinking, is there any other cpk codec that is higher qaulity and gives a smaller file size

well thanks for your help i'll let you know how i progress

Can i ask where can i get the tools i need tho do this thig correctly if you dont mind *Thanks* :D
hey akuma do uo think rippining the boot secor of a iso with hex editor and inserting it into one that i made of of my hard drive will work?
If the boot sector (first 16 sectors, i.e., 16 x 2,048 = 32,768 bytes) came from a Saturn ISO, then I think it should work. You have to keep in mind that the region coding of the boot sector you are patching must be compatible with the region of your Saturn console.

BTW, try to keep the total size of your ISO image (data + audio tracks) less than a certain time length, something like under 66 minutes... I'm not sure, but I do remember someone mentioning that Saturn games isn't supposed to exceed a certain length. To calculate the lengh of a mode1/2048 ISO file, divide its total file size by 153,600 bytes (i.e., 75 x 2,048 bytes) to give you how long in seconds, then divide by 60 to get minutes.
Hey akuma This thing is harder than i thought i can do it but it'll take some time

My plan was to convert a movie into cpk format and play it on my saturn

II thought of a way but i dont know if it my work

here is it

I was thinking of ripping the boot sector of a saturn game and rip a commad line to tell the saturn read it.

You know games like dbz shinbutoden plays it cpk before the game start right? So i was going to use that game command line to do so. Then put the movie on a disk (not with the game only the movie )

By the way is there a comman line the saturn follows to read the movie files? and do you know how to identify it?

well to me my idea is far fetch at the moment but i know a guy like you can do this kinda stuff sleeping

so iam going to lay off this project so long

until you find out a way to do it
So your intent was to try to see if you could play a full length movie (e.g., 45 minutes) using this technique? Hahaha, I thought you wanted to see if the converted movie would work first by trying to replace a CPK movie in a game that plays CPK movies.

If you wish to identify that Saturn command line, try asking the more qualified users in the Developers Central forum; they may direct you to the appropriate documentation of the Saturn's movie playback capabilities. I'm only an amateur.
I think you should take it one step at a time. This means that you should make sure the converted .CPK movie works on your Saturn first, using the methods I've mentioned above, BEFORE you attempt your movie playback command line theory.