Babylon 5


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As long as TV is being brought up...

Just got finished watching Sleeping in Light (I'll need to tape it next time, there's a special feature for folks taping it :)). It looks like the Sci-Fi Channel's going to show it from the beginning again starting Monday. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone had seen an episode or two and wanted to start from the beginning to figure out what the #### is going on...

It's currently on Monday-Thursday at 5PM Eastern/Pacific (East/West feed) What time it is in your locale will depend on which feed you get.
The Sci-Fi Channel doesn't have an online feed AFAIK (maybe there's an unofficial one lurking somewhere, but I don't really know).

You might find the info at the top of this page interesting. I only have a shadow of comprehension when it comes to German, so I'm not really sure. Just don't click on the titles (which seem to have been changed quite a bit from the original ones) if you don't want spoilers...